About 50% of Ransomware Victims from the U.S.

An analysis report from NCC Group disclosed that there has been a massive spike in ransomware attacks between January–March 2021 and April–June 2021, with 50% of attacks directed at the U.S.

Making the headlines

Security researchers at NCC Group’s Research Intelligence and Fusion Team (RIFT) noted a 288% surge in ransomware threats in the first half of the year. According to the report:
  • Conti ransomware accounted for nearly 22% of ransomware leaks between April and June. The group uses email phishing to remotely penetrate via an employee’s device.
  • Avaddon ransomware, which has reportedly quit the businesses, was involved in 17% of ransomware attacks during H1 2021. Data leak and DDoS attack threats have been its strong suit.

U.S. takes the majority of hits

Analysts discovered that in the last three months, ransomware attacks claimed 49% of victims within the U.S., followed by 7% in France and 4% in Germany.
  • Most recently, Pacific City Bank suffered a ransomware attack by AVOS Locker group as it dumped the bank data on its leak site and published some screenshots as proof.
  • There have been alerts and warnings released by federal agencies regarding ransomware activities in the country.
  • Last week, the FBI warned of ransomware threats aimed at the food and agriculture sector that could disrupt operations and subsequently cause financial losses for the entire food supply chain.
  • A similar warning was sent out, in the same week, by the CISA and FBI against ransomware groups that may imitate or impersonate a firm or an individual over the weekends and holidays.

The bottom line

Organizations need to be proactive as ever when it comes to resilience. Besides all the musts, companies should consider adopting a least-privilege model to start controlling the damage from right where it spurred in case of infiltration. It limits hackers’ access to steal or destroy the amount of information.

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